Timelapse Photography Services @ Paxty Visuals

Timelapse photography is a special technique that is used to showcase a process that happens over a period of time – minutes, hours, days or even years. The effect is achieved when a still photograph is taken with the equal time intervals. When the process is completed those photographs merged into a video sequence that is played 25 frames per second resulting in the fast-forwarding effect.

We offer timelapse photogrpahy service for both short and long-term projects including timelapses for construction industry. Please have a look at the examples of timelapse photography below.
If you would like to commission our team for your project please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss.

These and many more of my timelapse shots are available for licensing. Please visit Stock Footage Library to see the whole collection.

Vivid Sydney 2013 Timelapse

Sydney Motion Timelapse

Brisbane Motion Timelapse