Featured Photographer on www.sydney.com

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It might be a bit late for news like that in here but it’s better late then never. I have been published as a featured photographer on the official Sydney website. There is a selection of still photographs of Sydney and New South Wales and also my Sydney timelapses. Here is the link: http://www.sydney.com/sydney-life/nature-parks/featured-photographer-pavel-trotsenko/ Also […]

Vivid Sydney timelapse 2013

Vivid Sydney Timelapse 2013

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Vivid Sydney timelapse 2013 by Paksty Visuals I first tried to do motion timelapses (aka hyperlapses) exactly at the same time last year. It was at Vivid Sydney 2012. I did a lot of mistakes shooting hyperlapses back then as it was my first time and I hadn’t had experience neither in shooting nor in […]

Shooting Stars. First attempt.

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Here is an image I took while holidaying with friends in Victoria. An amazing view of the Southern Hemisphere sky at night in summer. This was my first attempt to shoot stars and star timelapse. I know this subject has been discussed on the net hundreds of times but nevertheless here are my thoughts on […]